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Medication Compliance

Why is it important?

Almost 30% of all hospital admissions for people over the age of 65 are directly attributable to medication non-compliance.

Approximately 40% of people entering nursing homes do so because they are unable to self-medicate in their own homes.

About one-half of the 1.8 billion prescriptions dispensed annually are not taken correctly, contributing to prolonged or additional illnesses.

125,000 people die each year from non-compliance, twice the number killed in automobile accidents.

Poor compliance with medication regiments costs society $150 billion per year.

Nearly $48 billion in annual costs result from unnecessary medication-induced hospitalization.

Simple & Reliable

1. Load

2. Set clock

3. Program alarm

4. Close


Here’s how it works…

When the time comes to take your next dose, the alarm will sound and the dose will rotate into position. The alarm stops

when the dose is taken out. If the dose is not removed within 30 minutes, the unit can contact the 24-hour Care Center which then attempts to alert someone

of a non-compliance event.

It’s really that easy!

Our goal has always been to keep people safe and independent as long as possible. Helping people manage their prescription therapies more effectively is key to accomplishing that goal.


You’ll have fewer worries about…


• Forgetting to take a dose

• Taking a double dose

• Taking at the wrong time

• Indentifying pills or pill bottles for

people with decreased vision

• Opening and closing pill bottles

• Privacy regarding the type and

quantity of medication

Lots of Prescriptions?

Keeping up with a lot of prescriptions can be a real challenge. There may be one set of pills and vitamins to be taken in the morning, another set to be taken throughout the afternoon, and still other pills before bed.

Now there’s an easier way to manage all those pills. Our system simplifies everyday medication management, giving you more time and freedom. It is simple and reliable, and the convenient medication dispensing cups are much easier to open than a pill box or prescription bottle.

Medication management:  Our personal medication dispenser system is a reminder system that automatically dispenses medication and vitamin supplements in accordance with prescribed treatment programs. Alarm sounds when dose is ready; if not taken, unit will contact Care Center.


The medication dispenser is powered by electricity and has a 72-hour, rechargeable, back-up battery.  The back-up battery provides power during electrical power outages or short-term travel away from home.  This unit has passed a “6-foot drop test.”  Try that with other systems!




 Medication Dispenser System

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