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The Response Center


The Response Center is the heart of

our service. If you are unable to speak,

the center will send for help. 


Our responders are EMD certified for extra

assurance.  This means our responders have

medical training to assist while help is on the way.

Whether getting assistance or just a friendly voice,

we’re there when others can’t be, and

happy to speak with a client anytime.


We are at the center of getting

information to all the parties involved in

keeping our clients safe and at home, where

they are most happy.


You can have confidence the Response Center

will be there when you need it because we

designed it to incorporate the latest equipment

and services from the leading companies in

telephony and data processing.

Safety            Peace of Mind            Independence


Your own Personal Response System.


It’s like having someone with you all the time.



A Medical Alert System in your home means that we’re there to help with just the touch of a button at our Response Center. The peace of mind, security, and confidence to continue with daily activities and maintain your independence can be yours with the high quality Personal Response System (also known as a Medical Alert System) that is affordable and easy to use.

No contract


No equipment to purchase


No hidden fees


Friendly local staff



 The HELP Button is

 the Smallest available.



 Waterproof design.

 Medical Alert System

Added Value: 

Care Calls are preventive or non-emergency calls for greater peace of mind.  In other words, our monitoring is not for medical emergencies only!

· A stranger at the door

· Hearing noise at night

· Ascending & descending stairs

· Inclement weather (local flooding, tornado)

· Before walking to the mail box in rain or snow

· Feeling faint or dizzy

· Arriving home after dark

· Concerned about taking medication (insulin)

· Assistance for another family member or friend

· Celebrating special days (birthday)

· Before taking a walk or going to a barn or garage


Reassurance & Peace of Mind


Quick Response


Freedom to Stay at Home Longer!

24/7 monitoring at our Response Center by staff trained for medical emergency response  verses security alarm monitoring   Our goal is to respond to each call like a family member or friend verses simply dispatch type monitoring that is common with 911 call centers.  

CSAA 5-Diamond Certified:  each Responder is trained to meet CSAA requirements.

Courtesy Calls:  when outside help is required, we can provide a courtesy call to notify a loved one.

Auto tested: medical alert units are automatically tested for quality assurance.

Extended pendant signal range:  up to 600 feet.

Extended rechargeable, back-up battery life:  up to 90 hours.

Central office and central monitoring is USA based:  with medical alerts made in the USA.

Language Line:  we can accommodate non-English speaking members.

Flexibility:  1st responders are family and friends unless EMS is requested. Some companies automatically dispatch calls to EMS which discourages its utilization in non-emergency situations.

Closed-loop monitoring:  the Response Center monitoring will call back to make sure help arrived.



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